Boston Marine Industrial Park (BMIP)

The Boston Marine Industrial Park (BMIP), owned by the city’s Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (EDIC), is a 191-acre site on the South Boston Waterfront. Formerly an Army/Navy base, the site was nearly empty and abandoned until the property was granted to the EDIC between 1977 and 1983. 

Since then the BMIP has been identified as a prime location for consolidating, preserving, and growing Boston's ocean trade, maritime industries and industrial uses. It is also intended to create and protect decent wage jobs for a variety of skill levels. Based on the BMIP Master Plan, this time 74% of the BMIP is used/reserve for maritime industrial purposes, 22% is used for industrial, and 4% is commercial. A wide variety of tenants occupy the area including beer brewers, research facilities, and seafood processing and wholesaling facilities.

The EDIC offices are located at 22 Drydock Avenue, Suite 201, in the Boston Marine Industrial park. For more information, please contact Larry Mammoli, Director of Engineering and Facilities Management, by email or by telephone at (617) 918-6221.