The BRA is seeking to extend urban renewal plan areas that cover over 3,000 acres of the city and include parts of Charlestown, the Fenway, Chinatown, the South End, Roxbury, the Downtown Waterfront, the West End, North Station area, and Government Center.

Urban renewal dates back to the American Housing Act of 1949, when the federal government began to invest great sums of money to redevelop cities that were rapidly declining after World War II. Early urban renewal efforts attempted to tackle widespread blight by assembling land to develop massive infrastructure and public facilities, usually at the expense of displacing poor and marginalized residents. The current effort is focused on a contemporary reframing of urban renewal as a relevant tool for planning and economic development.

Boston’s urban renewal plans were last extended in 2005 for ten years. The BRA team leading the current extension effort is taking particular care to be as open and transparent as possible, embarking on an extensive public engagement process to educate residents and community leaders about urban renewal and to solicit their feedback about the best ways to use its tools to create vibrant neighborhoods. This website and map is designed to help with the BRA’s education and engagement efforts.

The BRA has worked with the Mayor’s Office to organize an advisory task force that will help engage community members throughout the extension process. The task force is composed of neighborhood representatives from the communities where urban renewal extensions are being sought as well as stakeholders from the construction industry and the building trades.

Upcoming Events

City Council Working Session on Urban Renewal
Tuesday, February 9, 1:00 PM

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