Research Publications


Boston in Context: Neighborhoods

This publication compares Boston and its neighborhoods to the U.S. and Massachusetts on several demographic, economic and housing characteristics. This report uses a combination of 2010 Census data and 2009-2013 American Community Survey data.

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Population & Demographic

Boston's Shifting Demographics

This presentation provides statistics showing historical trends that shaped the present population of Boston. Presentation sections include population growth, diversity, educational attainment, age distribution, and changing families.

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2014 Financial Education Report

A Review of Financial Education Practices in the United States & Observations on Applications to Immigrant Markets for Financial Services

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Economy & Jobs

Hotels in Boston

This report provides information on Boston's hotel industry, growth, and overall economic impact. It details occupancy rates, hotel distribution by neighborhood, and more.

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Foreign Born

New Bostonians 2013-2014

This Power Point presentation provides demographic and economic data on Boston's foreign-born population. It includes details on race, countries of origin, languages spoken at home, education attainment, income and more.

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