RFPs, RFQs, Bids

The Boston Redevelopment Authority occasionally hires outside consultants or firms to provide commodities or services to assist the agency in its work.These outside teams are hired through competitive Requests for Qualifications (RFQs), Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and a public bidding process.

RFQs and RFPs are issued through a standard procedure which involves drafting, approval for distribution by the BRA Board, distribution through newspapers and the BRA website, the formation of proponent shortlists, interviews, selection of the most qualified proponent, and final approval of the selected proponent by the BRA board.

Bids are approved and drafted in a similar manner to RFPs and RFQs,However, contracts are awarded to the "lowest responsible and eligible bidder", based on competitive bids publicly opened and read in accordance with Massachusetts General Law (c.149 and c.30, s.39M).



Contract Opportunities

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Bid Water Pump Modifications at Pavilion Fountain, CNY Under Review
RFP Tenant Build-Out at 12 Channel Street, Suite 701 Under Review
Bid Parcel C-1 Site Improvements Awarded
Bid 2014 BMIP Trolley Stop Program Awarded
Bid Code Compliant Stairway Improvements at 12 Channel St, Phase 1 Awarded
Bid Waterfront Trolley Kiosk Program Awarded
Bid Food Vendor Services Program Awarded
Bid Vendor Services Program Awarded
RFP Mt. Vernon Street 25% Design Awarded
Bid South Jetty Partial Demolition Awarded
Bid Wharf 8 Bulkhead Repair Awarded
Bid Electrical Repair and Maintenance, Basic Services Awarded
Bid Repairs to Fire Alarm and Stair Pressurization Systems Under Review
RFP Citywide Energy Study Under Review
RFP BMIP Master Plan Update Under Review
RFP Housekeeping/Cleaning Services Open
RFP BRA Parcel 22a- 151 Lenox Street Open
RFP BRA Parcel L-43B - 41 Regent Street Open
RFP 2014 Vendor Services Program for Downtown Waterfront Awarded
Bid Inspection, Testing & Full Preventative Maintenance of Elevator Equipment Pending